Get The NFL RedZone with MHTC!

MHTC is happy to announce we have the NFL RedZone as an a la carte service. NFL RedZone, produced by NFL Network, whips around every NFL game on Sunday afternoons delivering the touchdowns and most exciting moments as they happen and in high definition. When a team goes inside the 20-yard line, NFL RedZone takes fans there. The channel keeps fans up-to-date in real time, switching from game to game with live look-ins, highlights and a chance to see the key plays. The NFL RedZone will be on MHTC’s channel 532 and comes in HD only. To get the NFL Red Zone, a customer must be subscribed to the NFL Network and also have HD service.

The residential price for the NFL Red Zone is $49.95 for the season, which is from August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017. The NFL Red Zone and the NFL Network will also be on Watch TV Everywhere! Once you subscribe to the NFL Red Zone, you can watch the games live from any device that has Internet access. All you need to do is create an online account using your MHTC Digital TV billing information. Register today, because the games will be starting! It’s easy to Watch TV Everywhere with MHTC! Go to and click on the WTVE icon at the bottom of the page, enter your username & password. (First time users will need to register.) and click on the icon.

NFL Sundays will never be the same! Call MHTC at 437-5551 or 930-9985 and sign up today!


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